With all that’s been happening around the world, in the news and in politics, it would neither be difficult nor unreasonable to feel like discussions in general have become less civil and more emotionally charged. Real estate negotiations are no exception.  We’ve won for our buyers several times over the years just because we were nice and the agents felt that we’d be pleasant and easy to work with.  Put another way, an agent who is rude, unpleasant, unprofessional or uncooperative will cost their clients the chance to win in a competitive situation.  We’ve dealt with multiple offer situations several times this year on our own listings and we often scratch our heads over the ridiculous and unprofessional behavior that agents display to us.  Incomplete contracts, bait & switch tactics, outright lying, threats (implied or otherwise), and just general uncivility and rudeness.  Being a good representative for one’s clients does not necessitate being a jerk to everyone else.  Reputation is important in this industry and agents have good memories of when and how others have burned bridges or mistreated them and their clients.  Let’s add some of the Golden Rule back into our society!