Timing Your Sale

The rule of thumb up here is that the spring and summer are the best times to sell a home.  More daylight, long breaks from school, nicer weather and better moods all combine to bring more buyers and sellers into the market.  The busiest months tend to be from March through August.

However, the “best” time for you to sell really depends on your situation.  Proper timing of your property’s sale is dependent on your motivation and your goals.  Regardless of the season and the performance of the market, real estate has a tangible use as a home or rental, so there will always be buyers and sellers.

Winter is often a relatively slower selling period, with longer listing times and lower-motivated buyers.  However, winter can be a great time for sellers who are committed to selling and understand that different pricing and marketing are necessary.  

…And what about the fall?  Early fall has traditionally mimicked the performance of the summer market.  Sales activity in late August through mid-September can be quite strong, as home buyers try to get in before school starts up again and the weather cools.

An important aspect of any home sale is how to maximize its appeal to buyers.  Learn more in our Staging Your Home section.